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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ToU - A Love Story-iii

Here is another one from our anonymous collaborator. I like it but then again I am biased. Hope you will like it too.

Don’t know about you
but I remember both of us
anxiously waiting for the chance
to turn the pages on the book of life.
I do remember too how
seeing everything as new
we both illuminated our lives
with sighs of love.

In time
impetuous winds brought by life itself
took your presence away from me
not so the thoughts that you created.
The thirst for living made me
look for love once past
and there deception
shaded whatever pleasure I enjoyed.

the fate of this romance
anxiously looking once more
to add that never filled page on the book of life
has brought your heart and mine
again together
stoking the fire that I
thought was left behind.

Are you, my heart’s carefully guarded
secret, still unfree?
Tenderness and affection
duty, let’s say,
make of me still a prisoner.
And it is so that at times
I would very much like
to be unborn. Were that to happen
I could then surge to life
just to meet you again.

It may well be that now
the book of our lives is coming
close to a conclusion.
But for a love like this
there is no end.
Don’t know about you
but as for me
— as I did yesterday —
now, and forever
I love you.

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