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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanking God

This is a prayer of thanks that recently found its way to my inbox. As with the writing in my previous post the author wishes to remain anonymous.

Dear God
It’s so wonderful to know
that I am not alone
amidst the world.

That you have
as a husband to me
and a Dad to my kids
fulfilled all of our needs.

From the moment you
came into my life
there have been
no more lonely nights
or sad days at the park.

And whenever
need and despair beset me
I just close my eyes
and pray
for I know you are always there.

Dear God
I’d like to thank you today
for being there
when I need a friend
for your tender
and loving care.

There’s one thing
I know for sure
I would have never made it thru
had it not been
because of you.

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