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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An In Memoriam

Any visitor here will probably recognize the pix as one of the many previously posted here.
I thought it appropriate to welcome this anonymous contribution.

In Memoriam to My Father

And the smile on your lips
that healed so many wounds
was a reflection of
the sweet tenderness
the loving care
your parents gave
from the moment they cradled you
as a newborn.

The tenderness
love and care
were still there
by the time
they welcomed the one
you chose to be your wife:
a wedding followed
by a home
bursting with joy
no sorrows
— a family to nurture.

Sadness though
will find a way to make herself
temper joy
constrict the soul
our peace of mind.

God called and beckoned
for you to join Him
bidding goodbye
to wife and children:
no tears allowed
but fortitude
to mitigate the sorrow
paining your loved ones.

”The Lord is awaiting you”
was Death soft whisper
in your ear.

Time, your time,
was indeed short.
The impact of losing you
profound on us
your loved ones
who now stand here
by Death’s
sudden and hostile grasp
on that May afternoon.

A grasp
but not a hold
because God is
the only one capable
of signaling fate
to call you home.
He is the one to whom
we now turn
and ask for
strength to ease the pain
whom we pray for
blessings to erase our mourning.

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