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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ToU - A Love Story-ii

Got this not long ago in my email.
The author wishes to remain anonymous:
You are
the flame that sparked a never-ending fire
The dawn
that sets off a different kind of daybreak
The hope
that gave my being a whole new outlook
My inspiration and support
even if not physically next to me
My sunshine
warming my life from faraway
The music
giving new rhythm to my song.

has been my teacher and great companion
It showed me
how to survive without you,
without your presence
And so I learned that
when morning’s eyes opened
I should smile even if my soul was faint
And also that
when night’s dark cloak enveloped all around
My heart was free to
release all my tears.

Well over 30 years
have passed and
I have found you again
Tell me
love, life of mine that
this is not an illusion
nor a dream
Let me also hear that there is
fire within your heart
That even though
our mortal bodies age
Our love´s fire
languishes not:

Still don´t know whether
my hands will ever be able to hold yours
Don´t know either if
our eyes will again reflect each other´s gaze
It could well happen that
our bodies will never embrace
But there is neither time nor distance
for my love
I will look for you all over
I will await for you
for an eternity…

And so
when my tired eyes
can see no more
and my lips
have no more strength to name you
when my trembling hands
can´t embrace you any longer
when the end
of my life approaches
It will be then that
the whole world will find out that
this love prevails.

There will be neither peace nor calm
within my heart
till I can hear both yours and mine
beating as one.

I loved you
in the past
In the present
I am still loving you
And I will love you

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