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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ToU - A Love Story-i

Wrote this while on the daily bus commute to work, and am posting it here with all the necessary legal warnings about copyright, and property rights, etc.
Not that I feel anybody is gonna be tempted to appropriate my attempt to poetry. Don't think the point is to show any particular writing ability but just let it flow. Make your feelings known, kind of, you know.

Just in case, let it be known that the author is me.
Here it is:
Not Getting Better
At missing you
Not by a long shot
Thing is
[This poor soul
that without you
floats in a sea of nothingness]
do not want to get better
I want to miss you in the morning
when dew still makes the earth shine
And at night
when the stars make us dream
I want to miss you
when you are away from me
and your smile is tempered
But mostly, love
I want to miss you
while you are next to me
So that you
feeling my anxiety
at even the thought of your being
away from me
can be persuaded from ever leaving
I am
Not getting any better, love
at missing you
Not by a long shot
And I do not want to

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